Legal informations

Our target is to put every software online for the ST/Falcon, but you can't find any still in development software here or any other software which you can still purchase at retail level! We don't want to destroy the last ATARI ST platform supporting companies!

So you maybe asking yourself why we put all those stuff online here? Our opinion is that the software is forgotten within the time and there're still a lot of people out there using the Atari for games and applications!! As you know, it's a pain in the ass to search the whole web for the thing you're looking for!

The software located here at the Hang Loose Website is maybe still under copyright, but, however, no games/apps you'll find here can be purchased direct at retail level any longer. Maybe you be able to find some secondhand discs. But there is no way to get them through the official channels anymore, because those exist no more. So these copies here are still not legal to own, but you are not directly harming the Atari ST market anymore.

Should there be accidentally something still purchasable online, please write a mail to us and we'll remove it asap!

Have fun with your fave Atari Emulator

Greets Bandit / CLiMATiCS

bandit (u know the magic sign)